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Living Her Dream as Owner Of  Turning Heads Beauty Lounge


A Special Report Offered by Ken A. Drabinsky* (February 28, 2017)

After returning from her vacation in 2014, Jackie underwent a series of difficult medical appointments and discovered she was hit with an unusually aggressive form of breast cancer—HER2 overexpressing breast cancer (triple positive)—identified by a lump the size of a golf ball. This shocking discovery needed immediate attention, however, she continued with her job at TAC Solutions on a part-time basis and finally quit to dedicate to her own health recovery  full time. That was because the cancer ramped up so quickly and was already at a critical descision point. In only a few weeks she needed  to put everything in order and sign up for  breast surgery—a critically important decision to be made within a few weeks. Backed by her amazing medical team and a few supportive individuals, Jackie was recommended to go through experimental drug therapy leaning into a difficult six hour surgery in January, 2015.

Jackie faced a truly uphill battle and had not even thought of “preparing for the worst”…that was never in the equation. Even so, those of us around her knew that it could get much worse before getting better. Jackie dropped everything and took over. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation was her routine for 2015 and 2016. Her entire routine was geared around beating her diagnosis for the last 24 months. Her family were so shocked they were unable to see the reality that there was anything seriously wrong with her and that she may not have survived 2016.

What ensued was and still is a remarkable story of dogged determination and downright “we’ll get through this attitude”—a leadership approach that was nothing short of  “If I am going down it won’t be without a fight”. Her immediate decision of beating the odds was first and foremost number one. Recovery is still one of her highest priorities in 2017 and in fact Jackie will be undergoing reconstructive surgery shortly.

Jackie’s new project, the Beauty Lounge, came out of the blue. I can think of no better venue than Jackie’s Turning Heads Beauty Lounge, to help support women in their beauty and health quests. Please give her a call and tune in to this amazing feisty personality who never takes NO for an answer. Better yet, get down to the Lounge and meet Jackie in person.

Check in here for upcoming POSTS on Jackie’s amazing life story in her own words and believe it not, how she managed another family member’s  life-threatening crisis years earlier.  Other authors are also invited to submit their posts (contact:

*Ken A. Drabinsky describes himself as a renaissance guy of the new millennium. He is a sand and gravel geology consultant, genealogist, writer, editor, web designer, a jazz musician and loves baseball. Ken is also a cancer survivor.

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